Being Free to Love Me!

The 4 Pillars of Focus

Being Free to Love Me focuses on 4 Pillars, which are the foundation of our organization. Discover the ways in which Personal Power Strategist, Monaye Rikard, can help you achieve you personal, spiritual, relational, and professional development goals. Each section includes a series of questions to help you understand the meaning of each. Some of these questions will cause you to dig deep in painful or hurtful placed to uncover true and honest answers.


Through monthly interactive workshops and open panel discussions, we provide tools for walking in the mandates of God. These empowerment sessions will address the many layers of our lives that are often covered or masked and hinders us from being all God has purposed us to be.

What do you do to center yourself?

Are you a believer?

How is your prayer life?

Who do you seek first for guidance?

Do you have a solid relationship with God?

Do you know and understand your purpose?

How do you view God? Based on your life

Do you demonstrate self-discipline?

Do you read and study the Word of God?

What is your weapon for adversity?

Do you understand the Power of Faith?

Do you demonstrate obedience?

Do you demonstrate humility?

Are you a God-chaser or Man-chaser?

Does your life contain spiritual substance?

How important is spiritual balance to you?

What do you do to obtain spiritual empowerment?

Do you know your spiritual gifts and talents?

Are you living a life of fruitfulness?


We conduct empowerment sessions and activities that are aimed at searching one’s self from an inner place to gain a greater understanding of who we are, whose we are and how uniquely, fearfully and wonderfully made we are that having power will add value to our lives.

Do you love you? (whole-heartedly)

Do you feel valued and special?

Do you feel worthy and capable?

Are you kind, tolerable, generous and compassionate with you?

What things can you “say” and “do” to love you?

Do you accept every part of yourself? (good, bad, ugly, flaws, fears, behaviors and qualities not flattering)

Are you at peace with you? Have you forgiven you?

Have you overcome the thoughts and views of others?

Do you embrace where you are in your life presently?

Where do you struggle most and need to improve?

What fears often hold you back?

What habitual emotions hurt you?

What repeated mistakes do you tend to make?

Where do you tend to consistently falter or let yourself down?

Who are you? You are…. You are not….

How are you? How are you in the world?

How do others see you or speak about you?

What key life moments define who you are today?

What brings you most passion, fulfillment and joy?

What does self-worth mean to you? (Give five words)

How do you define self-worth?

Do you believe or think it’s important to have self-worth?

What will it mean to you to begin to have self-worth?

How will your life be different?

Have you take the Self-Worth Assessment? Click Here


Learn to build interpersonal relationships with others, mend relationships that have been broken and sever ties with relationships that have been bondage experiences. You will gain a greater understanding of vulnerability in any relationship, self and others and how it locks arms with trust. It is imperative that as woman, emotional creatures, we allow our hearts, minds and spirit to connect with others for the purpose of building strong and wholesome bonds. Power is developed and exercised through relationships.

How do you define relationship?

How are your communicative and social skills?

What past and/or present hurt, pain and anger are you carrying?

Was or has there been an absent parent in your life?

Would you consider yourself naive?

How difficult is it for you to maintain healthy relationships?

How is your relationship with your parent (s)?

How is your relationship with your siblings and others?

What do you consider to be a healthy relationship?

What models of healthy and unhealthy relationships have you seen?