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18 Things Powerful-Confident Women Do

On the journey to becoming a better you, you can offer the world. Through my life's experiences and working with many women, I've found that these 18 things are consistent with Powerful & Confident woman.

  1. Understand Her Purpose

  2. Set healthy boundaries

  3. Trust the GOD in them and the decisions they make

  4. Accept responsibility

  5. Don’t desperately seek reassurance from others

  6. Choose Wisely

  7. Walk With Grace

  8. Speak with Boldness

  9. Carefully Listen

  10. Respond When Necessary

  11. Impact a room with her presence

  12. Encourage and Believe In Herself

  13. Turn Her Pain Into Power

  14. Build Wholesome Relationships

  15. Empower Others

  16. Build Strong Sisterhood Circles

  17. Value Her Space and Time

  18. Compliment Others

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