Being Free to Love Me!

The 5 Masks We Wear

The “Positive” Persona

This is the area of self-image where there is performance; pretending that we have it all together and that everything is perfect. The masks worn here is the spiritual, superficial confident, and overly friendly. All of these masks are generally wrapped in generic smiles.

The Key to Unveiling the Mask - Recognize and admit that we all have imperfections! Our imperfections make us human, unique and relatable. Life was never designed to be perfect in a world of imperfect beings. Exposing your true imperfect SELF opens you up to a world of deeper meaningful, authentic and supportive relationships.

The “Strength” Persona

This is the area of self-image when we pretend to be strong when everything inside of us is falling apart. Trying to cope and hold it together when the challenges of life hit us HARD! We juggle multiple roles, trying to be everything to everybody believing that we have it all under control not wanting to display weakness. Not to mention that we have our moments when our troubles feel bigger than our faith.

The Key to Unveiling the Mask - Present an act of courage by allowing those who love you carry you. Open yourself up to love and support by telling others your fears, hopes and hurts. There is Purpose for your Pain and God has raised people to care about you and to authentically help you.

The "Intellectual" Persona

This is the area of self-image when we put emphasis on being special, super intelligent and superior as a cover up for feelings of disappointments from failures. There is a need for validation! It’s the image of high achievers who demonstrate through language and posture that “I know it all “and “I have it all together”.

The Key to Unveiling the Mask - Taste the freedom of who you really are. Stop searching yourself and everyone around you for the “special” and “superior” qualities but start appreciating basic humanity and then special qualities will arise! Understand that superiority is only an illusion; it’s not authentic. We are all special and uniquely created by design on purpose with a purpose. Everyone has a beat and no one has to always dance to the beat of one individuals drum.

The “Nice” Persona

This is the area of self-image when we are people pleasers, desiring to be liked and admired by everyone at any costs. We sacrifice our own happiness to make others happy. We are “YES” people feeling inadequate in our own skin so we allow people to use us as a “Door Mat” for the sake of not being alone.

The Key to Unveiling the Mask - Learning to say “NO”! Begin changing gradually by turning down someone’s request or be expressive about how you really feel to one person. This is the beginning to a beautiful self-love that is within your grasp. Choose to flourish it by breaking the people pleasing habit, one person and one act at a time. Reality is you will never be able to love others until you first love you. That’s called, “Being Free To Love Me”.

The "Grumpy" Persona

This is the area of self-image where we project our own painful and negative repressed elements onto other people. This is a clear indication of hurt and this mask protects from embarrassment, hurt or rejection again. This mask is usually a sign of loneliness and fear that ironically isolates us more from others. The warning signals display the reality of unresolved issues within self.

The Key to Unveiling the Mask - Own the place that you are in, determine if you really want to experience life bottled up, boxed in, afraid and fearful and then deal with the root of the pain that has caused anger in your life. Release those elements that have kept you in bondage to yourself and connect with people who are determined to think positive and live positively.

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