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Monaye M. Rikard, is a Personal Power Strategist who yielded in obedience to operate in her ordained purpose and passion for empowering young ladies and women to understand their God given inner power and self-worth.


The Journey Begins

Monaye, a native Baltimorean, began her path inspiring and motivating people over 25 years ago. From youth, Monaye’s family, friends and acquaintances would gravitate to her when seeking guidance and direction for their lives. They classified her as “THE ONE” with all the positive and thought-provoking answers. What Monaye and others considered as her being a personal confidant was really the beginning manifestation of her gift to motivate and inspire—separate and apart from a title.


Educational Journey

Monaye began her educational journey at Morgan State University in September 1986 where she majored in Accounting, minored in Business Administration but area of concentration was in Human Studies.  She later attended Coppin State University in September 1997 where she pursued a business major in Management Science with a strong interest in psychology.  Her educational journey is where her strong inter-personal, leadership and entrepreneurial skills were enhanced. In pursuit of educational development, Monaye’s quest to obtain invaluable knowledge on the mind and the power that it has to change patterns or behavior became a greater interest. 


Spiritual Journey

Monaye’s spiritual empowerment journey began in September 2006 when she truly accepted her life’s call to ministry through attending to date a Ministers-In-Training core-curriculum through First Mount Olive Freewill Baptist Church under the leadership of Bishop Oscar E. Brown. This became the pivotal point in her life where she realized that God had a greater plan for her life and that it was expected that she would propel forward and allow that which was being formed within her to now be inspiration for others. Monaye’s life has evolved to a level beyond containment because of her Faith in what seemed to be impossible. Monaye’s evidence through faith has allowed her to know without a shadow of doubt that the “Sky Is Not the Limit”. It is this limitless faith that gave her the

courage to launch “Being Free to Love Me”.


Leadership & Accolades

Monaye has been the recipient of several certificates and awards for her leadership role in education as well as from her work with state and federal government agencies. Monaye has been an inspirational speaker, teacher and conference leader for Faith-based, Non-Profit, For-Profit and prominent organizations. She was recently a workshop presenter for the Inaugural Rising Young Women Professional Conference under the leadership of Mischa Toland’s Girls as CEOs Foundation, a keynote speaker for the Red Lion Junior High School in York, PA; Women’s Conference at The New Day Worship Center; Rising Young Women’s Entrepreneurial Program at New Town High School through partnership with Junior Achievement of Central Maryland and South Central PA  and “In Her Shoes” Fundraising and Outreach Initiative Recognizing Surviving Women. In addition, Monaye has partnered with Non-Profit organization, I Am OKAH! as a mentor through Being Free To Love Me for three young ladies who are in their Senior Year at Western High School and Carver Vocational School. She has also interviewed and partnered with VIPeVENTS Concierge, founded by Larry Concierge White supporting initiatives in the DMV (Washington, Maryland and Virginia) areas. Through Monaye’s partnership with VIP Concierge, she’s been privileged to be a VIP sponsor for the 7th Annual DMV Toy Drive and a VIP Speaker for the 7th Annual Black History Celebration. She has furthered her partnership and collaboration with Overlea High School for their Senior Mock Interview Program, a Maryland State Department of Education mandated graduation requirement.


Family Life

Monaye is a wife of a warrior husband George, mother of a motivating daughter, Brittney and athletic son, Kamyle. They have been her inspiration in moving forward to define her fulfillment in life.  They are her seeds of greatness that will accomplish all that their hearts and minds believe is possible.  

Being Free

Monaye Rikard is “The Founder” of Being Free To Love Me, a structured vehicle for building the inner strength that allows us to overcome those heavy weights that tend to keep us in bondage and unable us to fully understanding our self-worth and greatness. Understanding our self-worth is important because it is the key to connecting with the God given power we possess. Not until we understand as women who we are, whose we are, and how uniquely, fearfully and wonderfully made we are, will having power add value to our lives. The NOUNS and the NOWS in our lives—meaning people, places and things—begin to have a different impact on our perception of living unapologetically when we actualize our power.  Understanding our self-worth is the absolute beginning to living a life that represents wholeness, freedom, success, prosperity and victory.