Monaye Rikard is a Personal Power Strategist who yielded in obedience to operate in her ordained purpose and passion for empowering young ladies and women to understand their God given inner power and self-worth.

Choose to be Free

Free Indeed


Starting off with the odds stacked against you, as some would say, is no indication of where you will end up—unless you allow it to be. Being abandoned by a drug-addicted mother, enduring multiple abuses by a drug dealing husband, and ending up in a mental institution after a nervous breakdown . . . to some would be an excuse to give up on life. But how do you give up when you know deep in your soul that God has a destiny with your name on it?


This was the question that anchored Monaye as life kept throwing its shot. Recognizing that God was present in each challenge—drawing her closer and closer to Him—not only made holding on doable, it led to a freedom in God that’s been transformational in unimaginable ways. In Free Indeed, this author gives us unprecedented access to moments, mess and miracles that served as defining moments in her transformation to the woman of God she is today.

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